Project Benefits

The Sable Offshore Energy Project has delivered significant economic and strategic benefits to the province of Nova Scotia. Keep reading for some of the highlights. For an overview of project benefits, click here to view our annual benefits reports.

Energy Infrastructure

The Sable Project was a multi-billion dollar development of new energy infrastructure made possible by serving an established market for natural gas in the Northeast United States.

At the same time, project development and infrastructure provided a new source of clean energy to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and enabled the build-out of natural gas distribution in both provinces. Meanwhile, the pipeline infrastructure built to serve the Sable Project connects Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to the North American natural gas market and its supply basins.

The same infrastructure has enabled development of other natural gas projects in the Nova Scotia offshore and onshore New Brunswick infrastructure, and it is also important for proponents of future natural gas projects in the region.

Project spending and other direct benefits

The scale of the Sable Project has been significant, with more than $2.7 billion spent in Nova Scotia alone since construction; and ongoing annual operating expenditures of between $150 million and $200 million.

Over and above this spending, the project has delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties paid to the province, as well as significant tax revenue at all levels.

ExxonMobil Canada has invested in many research and development initiatives, spending more than $30 million on new and emerging technologies in the oil and gas sector and in environmentally significant research on and around Sable Island.

In support of the future of Nova Scotia’s oil and gas industry, we have invested close to $50 million in training and education, including support of many expertise-building programs that have helped grow and develop the province’s workforce in the areas of science, trades and technology.

More than 600 students have completed work placements with the Sable Project, many continue to work in the industry today and some have found exciting careers within the global ExxonMobil organization.

Community Investment

ExxonMobil Canada, its employees and co-ventures strive to make a positive difference in the communities where they live and work. Our team members give their time, effort, talent and donations to improve their communities.

A few examples: In addition to supporting our communities through programs such as the United Way, ExxonMobil Canada has a focus on supporting science and math education through programs run by organizations such as Techsploration and the Discovery Centre.  We are proud supporters of the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership Program at Saint Francis Xavier University’s Coady Institute. We have partnered with the Nature Conservancy Canada and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust to protect ecologically sensitive areas in the province for the enjoyment of future generations.

Requests for contributions and sponsorships are administered online through support provided by ExxonMobil Canada affiliate Imperial Oil Limited. You can find more information about how to apply here.