As a responsible owner and operator, ExxonMobil Canada will ensure decommissioning activities are planned and managed to mitigate any associated risks to safety or environment. The starting point for such planning includes the commitments made in the original Development Plan which was approved prior to construction. ExxonMobil Canada has been and will continue to work in close collaboration with regulators to meet these obligations.

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ExxonMobil Canada as operator of the Sable Project progressed an application with the National Energy Board (NEB), which is now the Canada Energy Regulator (CER), related to the abandonment of Sable’s 26” offshore gathering pipeline, as well as the Goldboro Gas Plant. The Leave to Abandon Application was approved in May 2019. Additional information on the NEB / CER process and a copy of the formal application can be found here.

While the Leave to Abandon application focuses on facilities regulated by the CER, a more general overall description of the Sable Project and decommissioning can be viewed here.

Decommissioning represents a significant increase in Sable Project activity, requiring considerable support from the local supply community to safely carry out this work. ExxonMobil Canada appreciates the participation of local companies in decommissioning activities.