Onshore Plants Dismantlement

Goldboro gas plant

Point Tupper
Point Tupper fractionation plant

Example demolition photo

The final scope of Sable decommissioning will be the preparation and dismantlement of onshore plants at Goldboro and Point Tupper. At the present time, ExxonMobil remains open to discussions with third parties who may have an interest in the onshore infrastructure. If attempts for commercial uses are not successful, decommissioning and abandonment activities will be completed as per the commitments in the Sable Development Plan.

The preparation will start with deinventorying and isolation of equipment. Following these activities, the facilities will be dismantled. Dismantlement typically involves cutting the facilities with heavy machinery, such as large shears. ExxonMobil takes a "Machine before Human" type approach to complete the work in a safe manner. The cut-up steel and waste will be sorted and ultimately removed from the onshore plant sites. It will then be transported to appropriate waste management and recycling facilities.

ExxonMobil is still in the early planning stages for this work. As plans are developed for the onshore plants, ExxonMobil will continue to engage with First Nations and the local community to share plans and discuss any concerns, interests or opportunities.

The goal is to complete the work at the onshore plants in a safe and timely manner, while ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing disruption to the local community.