ExxonMobil Canada is committed to providing full and fair opportunity to the local supply community as the project scope for the decommissioning of the Sable Offshore Energy Project is developed and implemented. Procurement opportunities relating to the Sable Project are listed at www.bids.ca.

How can I bid on upcoming ExxonMobil Canada contracts relating to the Sable Project?

All ExxonMobil Canada contracts over $50,000 are listed with BIDS at www.bids.ca (1-800-270-4611). Expressions of Interest (EOI) are updated regularly.

How do I let you know I’m interested in bidding for ExxonMobil Canada work related to the Sable Project?

If you have a service or product that you would like us to consider, we recommend that you go directly to BIDS and register with them.

What about contracts under $50,000 — how do I find out about them and where do I register?

We still recommend you register with BIDS and outline your services. For work under $50,000, an EOI is not usually issued. The standard practice is to obtain three quotes.

Are there any basic criteria required in order to qualify for an ExxonMobil Canada contract?

In addition to being competitive, there are several basic requirements we ask of interested suppliers and service providers.

Safety – At ExxonMobil Canada safety is a core value. In order to qualify for Sable Project contracts, we require that interested suppliers and service providers have a comprehensive safety plan in place. Our vision is Nobody Gets Hurt.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control – We expect all businesses bidding for Sable Project work to have a stringent quality assurance program in place. While ISO 9000 is certainly a recognized program, it is not mandatory as other industry specific quality standards are also recognized.

Canada-Nova Scotia Benefits – ExxonMobil Canada expects our contractors and potential contractors to maximize Canada-Nova Scotia benefits within an internationally competitive environment. That means we work to promote opportunities in Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada, while striving for “best value” goods and services. “Best value” is a blend of total cost, quality, technical suitability, delivery and assurance of supply, while at the same time meeting or exceeding safety and environmental standards.

Environmental Management – If your company is interested in providing an environmentally-sensitive product, or the service you provide involves waste management, we will expect your company to operate its business under a recognized Environmental Management System such as ISO14000.

Management Systems – We expect all companies bidding for work to have systems in place which manage every aspect of the business, including plans which outline your hiring practices, your training practices, etc.

Cost & Schedule Control Systems – We require that companies bidding for work have comprehensive cost and schedule control systems in place which will help ensure that you can manage your business as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Do you give preference to Nova Scotian companies?

Our tendering processes ensure full and fair opportunity and first consideration to Nova Scotian companies. These processes were developed early on in our project with the input and final approval of our regulator, the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board. These regulator-monitored processes are in place to ensure Nova Scotian and Canadian companies have full and fair opportunity to participate on a competitive basis. They are also there to ensure that first consideration be given to Nova Scotia goods and services, where they are competitive in terms of fair market price, quality and delivery.

How can I ensure my company is competitive in an international marketplace?

There are many ways to ensure competitiveness, including conducting extensive research of other international oil and gas hot spots for new technologies, safety techniques, quality, and pricing. Where practical, we also encourage the formation of joint ventures with international companies who have extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. We encourage this partnership for several reasons: joint ventures transfer skills, knowledge and expertise to the local marketplace; joint ventures often fill a local need – they provide a multi-disciplined solution; and, for foreign companies, joint ventures ensure an on-the-ground presence and the local knowledge they require.

I’m interested in finding out what business opportunities are available within the Nova Scotian oil and gas industry as a whole. Can you tell me where I can get information to help me out?

There are a number of industry-based associations within Nova Scotia at your disposal. The Maritimes Energy Association is a good starting point. Their web address is: www.maritimesenergy.com. Their telephone number is: (902) 425-4774. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers might also be able to provide you with broad-based information about the industry itself. Their website is www.capp.ca.