Project Benefits

The Sable Offshore Energy Project has delivered significant economic and strategic benefits to the province of Nova Scotia. Keep reading for some of the highlights. For an overview of project benefits, click here to view our annual benefits reports.

Sable Benefits

The Sable Project was a multi-billion dollar development of new energy infrastructure made possible by serving an established market for natural gas in the Northeast United States.

At the same time, project development and infrastructure provided a new source of clean energy to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and enabled the build-out of natural gas distribution in both provinces. Meanwhile, the pipeline infrastructure built to serve the Sable Project connects Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to the North American natural gas market and its supply basins.

The same infrastructure has enabled development of other natural gas projects in the Nova Scotia offshore and onshore New Brunswick infrastructure, and it is also important for proponents of future natural gas projects in the region.

Beyond jobs and economic activity, Sable has been a catalyst for $3.7 billion in direct payments to the province related to Nova Scotia’s offshore. Made up of royalties, Crown share and exploration payments, this is money that has helped build better schools, hospitals and roads over the past twenty years.